For the Syrian littlies

Unsure of what’s really going on in Syria, but want to help?

Unsure of what’s really going on in Syria…but want to help? (watch breakdown here! Syrian Refugee Crisis Breakdown

If you are up to speed, we need your help and it’s incredibly easy! We’re collecting anything and everything for the littlies, seeking asylum in Australia. 

If you have any baby/kids clothes you’re not needing, nappies, toiletries, shoes, books…you name it, we’d love it (and we know the families would too!)

Please share this post to your Facebook and social media feeds – let’s make a difference for kids just like ours!

For all donations and interest please contact



Author: Winnie Wagtail

My vision for Winnie Wagtail is to arm parents-to-be and new parents with loads of relevant, evidence-based info, to help them make informed decisions moving forward as parents. Winnie Wagtail is totally judgement free and whatever you wish to do with the info we provide is totally your call!

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