2 kids under 2; what we did to keep busy self isolating in Hong Kong

Fun, easy ways to keep the kids entertained at home.

Having kids at home all the time can start to drive you batty. Here are some of the things we did in our little apartment to stay busy and had lots of fun doing it! All these things can be done outside as well, if that’s a possibility for you.

Found these great spongey stepping stones on Amazon – National Geographic Kids. Perfect for busy little ones that love an obstacle course or sensory play. Perfect for gross motor exploration and
development, too!

Playdough Pizza Shop ❤️🍕
Hours of fun playing restaurants. Imaginary play is perfect for all the parents now finding themselves homeschooling. Can introduce money maths (addition/subtraction) into the game.

Favourite playdough recipe
(The picture is store bought just an FYI)

Exhibit A

Glow stick bath disco – crank up the music. So much fun!

Moon dust sensory play

You’ll need:
• 2 cups of all purpose flour
• 1/4 cup of baby oil
• a baking tray or deep dish would work to contain the mess. We’ve used an Ikea breakfast tray as a little messy station area.
Tip: we’ve use a big shower curtain over the floor for wet and messy play in our apartment. Makes for a quick cleanup!
This consistency is great as it holds form so you can make castles, rocks etc, but crumbles to dust between your fingers.

Cubby houses – endless fun! We had lunch in our cubby (sun tent) occasionally, some iPad movie dates, read books and also let him play independently in there with all the battery operated fairy lights on.

Sensory bags – so many ways to do this – have a look on Pinterest. This one was just a giant ziplock bag (also works with the silicone ziplocks) filled with colour, water and oil. She adored smacking it!

Painted paddle pop sticks and made creatures.

You’ll need:
•sticky tape or duct tape (I cut varying sizes and widths so some animals are easier and harder to free)
•little figurines (animals, cars, anything really will work)
•cardboard or chopping board (I like chopping board and it keeps the duct tape sticky and can be reused 👍🏼)

Being just under two at the time, my little one ripped the animals off quickly (would take a younger one longer) but took him longer to restock the animals down, that became the game, really.


Author: Winnie Wagtail

My vision for Winnie Wagtail is to arm parents-to-be and new parents with loads of relevant, evidence-based info, to help them make informed decisions moving forward as parents. Winnie Wagtail is totally judgement free and whatever you wish to do with the info we provide is totally your call!

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